A philosophy of energy and reality

A Technology for Managing Your Personal Reality

The Visceral Experience is a framework for understanding the human energy system as well as a technology for managing your personal reality. Check out the Table of Contents and First Chapter for a better idea of what this book is about.

      An Excerpt:

You, Quantum Computer.

Even sleepers are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the Universe.


We have in our possession one of the most sophisticated quantum computers in existence. It is self-replicating, self-cleaning, self-regulating, constantly regenerating and capable of reproducing near exact copies of itself. Indeed, many times our copies --- otherwise known as children --- feature attribute improvements and refinements not available in the previous model. I certainly know that this is true of my 'copies'.

Each of the atoms in each of our cells, regardless of cell type, interfaces directly with The Quantum. The atoms of our cells interpret our will and intent, distill them into commands and then pass those commands into The Quantum. The Quantum accepts these commands and executes them. Sometimes the commands are strong and powerful, and sometimes not so much; sometimes they are well defined and sometimes not, sometimes beneficial and sometimes not. The Quantum doesn't care either way. Like a computer, it will do exactly what it is instructed; nothing more and nothing less. Like a computer, it will execute even commands that are harmful to the user. The Quantum is indifferent to the reality it creates.

The only real difficulty in running your quantum computer (much of which is done automatically for you) is in learning how to properly design and format the commands that should be passed to The Quantum. Mankind's struggle is not in not having a powerful enough computer; our struggle is one of not having a user manual for this infinitely powerful machine that each of us does possess.

The ideas and processes in this book are another effort, like many books that have gone before, to create that manual for your quantum computer. It is my hope that the framework that follows will expand upon the chapter dedicated to correctly interfacing with and passing properly designed and formatted commands to The Quantum.

The Visceral Experience:
By consciously creating a strong somatic effect (gut feeling) within ourselves which mirrors the gut feeling we would have if our desired intentions, expectations and feelings were already extant, we have a method for managing our reality. This somatic effect is our interface into The Quantum. This is how we pass commands, for good or ill, to the universe.

The technology of the visceral experience, I believe, is the most effective way to create the necessary strong somatic effect required to consciously manifest your desired reality.